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Spring is almost upon us and everything seems a little sunnier now.
Soon we will be sharing walks again with family and friends in the countryside and eating ploughman's lunches with a pint of local ale.
There is lots to look forward to in 2021 - Stay positive.

Free Amazon Voucher Worth £25

Free Amazon Voucher worth £25 with every order placed over £500 throughout March.

Promo Solved understands budgets have been significantly decreased for marketing this year and will always look at ways to save you money.

Organic Cotton

How do you know if it's organic cotton?

Unlike food , textile products do not have to be certified in order to be described as organic which can be confusing.

Promotional Bags, Tee Shirts and Pencil Cases could be made from organic cotton but dyed using toxic chemicals which would never be certified.

I came across this image today which illustrates why ordering organic materials is so important and Promo Solved will always challenge our factories to produce products which carry the Global Organic Textile Standard or OEKO - Tex symbol.

Try to order eco friendly where possible and protect the environment around us.


Top 7 Value For Money Branded Giveaways

Promo Solved recently launched a new website built to make ordering merchandise much more simpler and sourcing printed products for your company super-fast.
For instance a client this morning enquired about value for money branded gifts and wanted to know which products we would suggest.
Ideas lists such as the one below can be created within just 2 hours of any phone call and all we need to know is the target audience, qty, delivery date and budget set aside. If you do not know the answers to these questions no problem at all we can still find that perfect giveaway!

Each of the products will link to prices, descriptions and guide lead times once created and we can even post a free sample pack showcasing your choices.

The Top 7 Value For Money Branded Giveaways were:




Personalised Badges

Personalised Badges

Personalised badges are used in many industries, each with their own considerations for design, shape and colour.

You probably come across people with customised badges every day.

For example;

·      A name tag for retail and emergency services staff,

·      lanyard for event guests and visitors,

·      an embroidered badge for clubs and institutions,

·      a printed badge for hospitality and healthcare staff,

·      personal I.D badges.

You get the picture.

The common factor between these industries is the need for high quality artwork, dependable lead times, and durable manufacturing.

Most of the Promo-Solved bespoke badges are British made: That means a custom badge is safe to use and production issues are addressed quickly.

Buying British helps to build our economy and reduce the impact on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Here are some of the options for our personalised badges;

We supply personalised pin badges, enamel badges, school badges and all manner of;

·      eco badge,

·      lapel badge,

·      metal badge,

·      woven badge,

·      windowed badge

·      button badge,

·      promotional badge.

Every badge is available in combinations of shape and fitting choices.

You can be sure every product is of exceptional quality.

Call us today to see how we can help promote your brand.

If you don't see the right type of badge on our website, get in touch with our customer service team, and we'll attempt to source it.

In most cases, personalised badges are delivered within three weeks of your order.

While you’re here, take a look at our personalised notebooks selection too!

Promotional Umbrellas


If you're looking for umbrellas for your next marketing campaign, Promo-Solved has a comprehensive design selection for your customers.

With our experience, we put others in the shade with our one-stop umbrella shop!

Whatever your budget, we have a promotional umbrella to suit your needs.

Choose from;

·      An auto folding umbrella (for that rainy day)

·      A travel umbrella (for an event in a gift box or bag)

·      A telescopic umbrella (when simplicity is key)

·      An umbrella in a gift box, cylinder or bag

·      A storm-proof umbrella for extra security(strong gusts and wind are no issue)

·      Golf umbrellas which are always popular (a lot of brolly for your lolly!)

·      A walking stick style umbrella

·      Or high-end luxury umbrellas (an excellent investment when the expense is not a consideration)

Promo-solved also supplies to sub-contractors to help promote a marketing event or exhibition.

Print your customers' branding if the end client is not you, or your company logo if you prefer- or both?

If in need of inspiration, chat to our support team to discuss fabric, different colours, style, and of course, price!

In most cases, a promotional umbrella is printed and shipped within just a few weeks, and if you don't see it on our website, we’ll attempt to source it.

Why not take a look at our Personalised Backpacks or Personalised Bags too?

Personalised Notebooks

Personalised Notebooks

 Even with today's smartphones, a personalised notebook is often preferred for easier reference and tangible experience.

  • A notepad or notebook is less likely to distract.
  • Physical writing helps to memorise what's written.
  • A customised notebook doesn't run on batteries!

Promo-Solved supplies a range of sizes of plain cover and branded notebook in A4, A5 and A6 formats.

If you prefer a custom size, just give us a call, and we'll see what we can do for you.

Want a soft or hard-cover style in full colour?

How about a canvas notebook, or a brand or photo emblazoned on the cover?

Or a notepad with an integrated pen or pencil?

We've got that covered too and can design a custom notebook with pages to suit.

Lined paper, plain pages, with or without logo- we supply a unique notebook for your business.

If you're after personalisation, we're able to print text and artwork on the front cover or inside pages.

Need inspiration or creative design? 

Chat with a member of our team for friendly advice and ideas.

In most cases, we deliver personalised notebooks within three weeks of an order.

While you're online, why not take a look at our personalised pens selection too?

Personalised Balloons

Personalised Balloons

Get your special occasion off with a bang with personalised balloons from Promo-Solved.

Be it for corporate events or a party, a logo or branding on a bright colour balloon is bound to get noticed.

Choose from different sizes and shapes of;

·      Latex balloon (tried, tested and traditional, simply choose your balloon colour and print)

·      Environmentally friendly balloon (biodegradable latex),

·      Foil balloon, (air, helium or hydrogen ready- inflated balloons are not provided)

·      Clear bubble balloon (with photo, image or text)

All of our custom balloons are available with personalisation and fillings including;

·      Ribbon (wedding, happy birthday, baby shower),

·      Confetti (wedding, birthday, baby shower),

·      Feather (choose your colour subject to availability),

·      Personalised message (perhaps with a gift tag or promotional shop voucher?).

Whatever the celebration, we've got the right balloon for it.

Highlight your next event with bespoke balloon decoration.

We supply

·      Branded balloons,

·      Balloon cup and sticks,

·      Balloon trees,

·      Balloon bouquet,

·      Even a hand pump!

If you don't see quite the right product on our website, we'll attempt to source it.

In most cases, custom printed balloons are delivered within three weeks.

Take a look at our personalised badges selection too!

Personalised Mug

Personalised Mug

A personalised mug is not only a great gift but one of the most versatile ways to get a message across.

A mug with a favourite photo becomes a favourite mug and one you’ll always choose.

Mugs and cups still rank as one of our most popular items to personalise.

We offer high quality different designs in a host of materials;

Materials are only half the story as we also provide;

  •          The magic mug (which displays a photo or photo collage when heated or cooled)
  •          Different colour variations to match your corporate identity
  •          Different sizes for a special occasion or promotion
  •          The perfect gift for a loved one or friend

Most are completely dishwasher safe (ask for details) and are an ideal gift for promoting business.

Picture this;

‘Your target customer heads for their first drink of the day’.

Be it a morning coffee, tea or even hot chocolate, that first cuppa is a welcome fix for a dry mouth.

As they cup each side of a comforting hot drink, their printed mug has a well-placed reminder of your company.

You've displayed your company logo or custom message with a personalised product that's not only inexpensive but useful.

Take a look at our personalised water bottle, glass and personalised travel mug section.

Every Promo-Solved personalised product is produced quickly and professionally and delivery in days in many cases.


Recycled and Environmental Products


Recycled and Environmental Products

Businesses must minimise the impact they have on environmental sustainability.

Whether through recyclable packaging, reducing the raw material or fossil fuels being used, every effort helps.

That's why Promo-Solved has compiled a comprehensive list of recycled and environmental products.

We recognise the harm plastics waste is causing to our sea life and how plastic pollution affects us all.

Most of our items are manufactured from recyclable or sustainable materials and British made to reduce the carbon footprint.

Plastic packaging is minimised and recycled paper or recycled cardboard used, and our supply chain is kept trim to lower carbon emissions.

Where possible, we've ensured products are responsibly sourced recycled plastic or biodegradable materials.

·      Recycled cotton (bags and clothing)

·      Recycled polyester (bags and clothing)

·      Recycled paper (notepads, notebooks, recycled packaging)

·      Recycled plastic (pens, rulers, ice scrapers)

·      Recycled plastic (mugs, keyrings, badges)

·      Recycled plastic (bottles, mouse mats, placemats)

·      Sustainable wood and bamboo (pens, pencils, lanyards, coasters)

·      Eco cups (bamboo straws)

·      Biodegradable inks (pens, pencils, printing)

Shipped in reusable packaging (or sustainable packaging when practical,) the manufacturing process ensures no virgin plastic or metal is used.

So, if you're looking for a green product, look no further- (use less energy and increase your energy efficiency!).

Improve your environmental performance and order from Promo-Solved!

If you need advice on the artwork or more information, chat with a member of our team.

In most cases, we deliver recycled products within three weeks of a confirmed order.

While you're online, why not take a look at our other promotional eco merchandise too!

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